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Do You Feel Chronic Ailments are Reversible! But Don't Know What To Do?

Are you struggling with Diabetes, Obesity, Low Energy, Migraines, Thyroid issues, Autoimmunity, Hypertension, Allergies, etc.?

Schedule a free 30 minutes call to understand how I can help you rediscover vibrant health

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The Functional Medicine Approach

Functional Medicine seeks to identify and treat the root causes of disease. It seeks to treat the whole system, not just the symptoms

Health Coaching

The Health Coaching is the process of  working with clients to help understand the root causes, develop and implement a plan to bring about lasting improvements in chronic health situations

Book A Free Session

Set up a free 30 minute session to understand how Functional Medicine can help you

Brinda A.jpeg

Brinda Anadkat

I consulted Siddarth Goel for weight loss, headache, and many more health issues. With Functional Medicine testing I found that I had so many health issues; I had likelihood to develop Thyroid and Diabetes.On implementing the plan for 2 months, I have seen significant changes in my health - lost 6kg weight, hardly had headaches, bloating has reduced. My energy levels are higher and am more relaxed.

Kailash Dhiman.jpeg

Kailash Dhiman

I have been diabetic for the last 8-9 years. In these 8-9 years my HbA1C level had never gone below 9 and used to be around 11-12. Recently I met Siddarth and he advised certain changes in my diet and lifestyle. On implementing these changes I am seeing a magical improvement in the last 2-3 months. My blood sugar has come to normal. I am very thankful to have such a great friend and guide in my life. Thanks a lot Siddarth

Sangeetha 2.jpeg


I have started working with functional medicine to get my excess fat / pcod / diabetes under control.. The past six weeks have been an eyeopener.. I have learnt a lot more about my body and what it needs.. My skin and hair is better and my sleep quality has improved a lot.. My energy levels are good.. I feel i am well on my way to optimal health.. 🙂





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Meet Siddarth

Siddarth is amongst the first few in India, to become a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach. He has helped many clients find lasting relief from chronic health issues like diabetes, obesity, migraines and mood swings etc.

“Our health is shaped by balance - in body, mind and emotions.”

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