Hi! I'm Siddarth

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Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach

& Classical Hatha Yoga Teacher

I am amongst the first few in India, to be Certified as a Functional Medicine Health Coach from FMCA, USA.

I specialize in helping people suffering from Metabolic Syndrome which results in diseases like diabetes, obesity, migraines, low energy, mood swings, allergies, arthritis, and hypertension, etc.
I use various modalities including dietary changes, supplements, mind-body medicine, Bach Flower Remedies and Naturopathic Cleansing etc. Having practiced Classical Yoga and Meditation for over 17 years I bring a unique combination of Yogic lifestyle and principles and modern scientific understanding.


My approach goes beyond just the physical body. Chronic diseases often originate from unresolved emotional experiences. Hence I also equip my clients with simple yet effective tools to overcome stubborn emotional/energy blocks and move towards better psychological, emotional and physical health.

How to reduce blood sugar and obesity treatment are my main focus areas at present.

Explore Health With Me

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Personalised One to One Coaching

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I work with people on  a one-on-one basis helping them move towards their ideal healthy selves.

I use the Functional Medicine approach to help them understand the root causes of their chronic health issues. The process of coaching helps them to bring about the required changes in their lifestyle.

The objective is to help clients make easy and lasting changes in their lifestyle choices so that they become independent and keep progressing towards optimal health and well-being.

Corporate & Group Sessions

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I also conduct group sessions for corporate employees and other groups. These are introductory sessions where participants get to understand the FM approach to solving chronic health issues.

These sessions can set the terrain for a healthier culture in the organization.

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